First placement

There is no fear in love.  Perfect love casts out all fear.  1 John 4:18.  


We’ve done some respite and now we’ve had our first placement.  Last weekend, we welcomed a 3 day old baby into our home.  He was a joy to have around for a few days.  We all wanted him to stay, but he went back home.  There are lots of emotions left behind, but we are thankful we could love him for a short time and give him good care.

What I have learned so far from fostering:

  •  I can love a child that is not mine, just like they were mine.
  • I can still hold a baby in one hand while doing household chores with the other.
  • My bio children were VERY large as babies.
  • I can pray for a Mama who made mistakes and consider how much she loves and misses her baby.
  • It sure is nice to not be solely responsible for food production of a baby and easier to take care of a baby without having to go through delivery.
  • I caught a glimpse of what God did for me in giving up his only son.
  •  I have a fantastic husband who is willing to love on, diaper change, feed, burp and get up throughout the night for a baby that is not his.
  •  My girls are wonderful, loving and welcoming to every child that has come to our house.
  •  I can give a baby back to his Mama.
  • I had no fear when this baby was here, I just loved.
  • My girls will have loss in their lives.  I am thankful to be able to show them how to lean on God and how he can strengthen and restore.
  • I have not completely given my children to God, in my heart.  I am working on this now.
  • This is exactly where we are needed!
  • Tears are healing.
  • God is LOVE.
  • God is good ALL THE TIME!
  • I miss that baby.



6 thoughts on “First placement

  1. Lajoie, dear friend and woman of God, I love this post! And I love you and your family!

    I’m crying for you and because of you. May God continue to use you and your family for His glory.


  2. Oh Lajoie how I love what journey you guys are on! One of sacrficial love… that is heart wrenching I’m sure…and so representing what Christ calls us to do. So excited for you guys and how The Lord will use your sweet sweet family! Love you all! 🙂


  3. Love that you are so open to the journey God has for your lives. I did shed a few tears for your sweet momma heart. You, your family and the little ones God places in your home are all in my prayers!


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